Signage Installation Directory

We launched Signage Installation Directory last year and it proved to be a successful project which received a lot of appreciation from the industry. We are beyond thankful for your interest in the Directory.

For the team behind this project, it was a valuable trial experience. We listened carefully to all the given feedback and are excited to announce that we are launching a new improved version of the Installer Directory!

Our vision is to create the most extensive directory of all the installers across the United Kingdom, a number one tool for the search of freelance and subcontract installers. Such a vision calls for a new look.

We took some time to develop & freshen up our platform, and now we’re fully ready to help freelancers and subcontract installers connect with signage and graphics companies and get the work done.

What does this change entail?

For starters, we significantly improved user experience. Second, we added more functions and search filters that will save you a ton of time and match you with the best installer for your projects. And last but not least, we have some ambitious plans, which will be revealed later. You will be able to do much more on this platform…

What stays the same?

The never changing is the core of the Installer Directory and our passion to help the industry grow. Installer Directory is a tool that brings benefits to all the involved parties, creates transparency in the industry, drives healthy competition among the installers, and helps each project find the right people.

Join us today!