How to Promote Your Installation Business

There is always a need for business owners and managers to think about ways to generate company profits. Besides, the main goal is to expand your installation business and stay ahead of your competition in the wide-format industry.

You can be an amazing company that excels at installing signage and graphics, but without proper promotion, the chances of successfully growing your business are quite low. Growth is only possible when a business earns more in return for its efforts than the amount it is spending. At some moments, there is a need to maximise the existing efforts, while it’s also beneficial to introduce new methods for development.

The wide-format printing industry has some specific places where it would be more rewarding to focus your attention, and we are going to introduce them in this article.

So, where to promote your signage and graphics installation business to find customers, and most importantly, find YOUR customers?

Join industry events  

Industry events are an incredible opportunity to meet people if you subcontract your graphics and signage installation services to other wide-format printing companies. Events such as FESPA Global Print Expo or Sign & Digital UK give you a chance to network, exchange contact information, and get introduced to new companies.

For example, you can attend the UK Graphic Awards by entering the awards in different categories. It’s an annual event that brings the UK’s wide-format printing industry together to celebrate and recognise the most exceptional projects. It connects everyone in the industry—printers, installers, manufacturers. You never know who will introduce you to your next customer, so use these types of opportunities to the fullest.

In addition, winning such awards continuously brings value to the team by assuring your prospective customers of the quality you can deliver. The link to other brands helps add value to your own brand and presents a sense of instant credibility in front of your clients.

Establish your online presence

Promoting signage instalation business on social media

Nearly all consumers (97%) now use online media when researching services in their area. So you are missing out if you are not utilising online channels to grow awareness about your installation company and reach more wide-format printing customers. However, it’s essential to focus on the channels where your customers are.

Digital platforms are a chance to showcase your past projects, present your vinyl graphics installation services, and prove your credibility to clients. Set up social media profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, build an effective company website, grow your follower base, and encourage your clients to leave a review about their customer experience. Online reviews empower customers to tell their side of the experience of working with a subcontractor installation company and help your potential customers make a decision.

Your website helps you to present your services fully and showcase that your company can deliver successful signage installation projects. Don’t forget to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This will help boost your ranking, so potential customers will find your page easier—as opposed to your competitors.

Display team certification

Customers want to know they can rely on your business and are often looking for companies who can prove their skills with the necessary certification. To prove your team’s skills and high quality of service, help your installers pass certifications, wear safety badges, and hand them out with your contact details.

Showcase the skills and tools your team of installers is familiar with, as well as copies of their insurance, CSCS, PASMA, IPAF, and other qualifications and certifications. So, in the case of large-scale architectural signage installations, your potential client will be aware that your team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to install at hard-to-reach spots safely.

Showcase your expertise

By showcasing your expertise in construction installations and your authority, potential customers will trust you. This way, they will be ready to buy from the construction expert, as they’ll want to know what you have to say and offer.

You need to provide useful and informative content to show that you’re an expert in the wide-format printing industry and know your way around installations. You can start by sharing blog articles consistently focusing on issues people want to hear about and giving the advice to help them directly, or you can focus on regular emails to reach out to your audience and share your latest insights.

This will help you expand the reach of your profile, and more people will learn about your signage installation business.

Join directories

Industry-specific databases help you promote your business to other signage and print companies. For example, Signage Installations Directory is a database that helps print companies find the installers they need for their projects. Also, customers can find you by selecting their UK region and searching for the skills they need from a team to install their printed materials properly. Vism powers the directory so you can promote your business for free.

There are many ways to promote your business to find clients, no matter your budget. First however, you need to understand what will work better for your installation business. Implementing the strategies mentioned in this article will surely pay off, especially if you also focus on regularly reviewing and revising your strategies.